Disappointing change of ships

After having my 2020 Alaskan cruise canceled due to obvious reasons, I have been anxiously awaiting the resumption of this tour. I was so disappointed to learn that Tauck will be using a company called Silversea Cruises, not Ponant. My disappointment is the size of the ship and the number of passengers; 388 now versus 184 before. I am not a big ship person and even had trepidations about 184 passengers. Subsequently, I did not book the tour. I opted instead for the small ship (Ponant) tour of the Great Lakes. Oh, well. I can always add some post tour days in Manhattan!


  • I have a friend who is on an Alaskan cruise right now. Waiting to hear how it went. Obviously not with Tauck
    We tried to book a tour with Tauck for 2020 in 2018. They were very late in announcing dates. When we called Tauck at the time, the agent said at that point she did not know if Tauck had managed to secure any sailings, so we gave up and booked our Scandinavia tour for the same time, which of course was canceled last year.
    We have been putting off Alaska for years, thinking we could do it anytime…..how wrong we were….and we have an aversion to going on a big ship with non- Tauck guests.
    I kept hearing about non Tauck guess pretending they were with Tauck to get free drinks
    I have a friend who went on an Alaskan cruise, she was finding herself standing next to Tauck guests all the time, she realized Tauck people were getting a better experience.

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    You may have missed the boat. Silverseas is better than Ponant. You don’t have to worry about people pretending to be Tauck to get free drinks, cuz all the drinks are included for everyone. Every room has butler service and they are anxious for you to put them to work. When we boarded our butler asked what we liked to drink, and we said Dewers, so he brought us a liter bottle. He shined my shoes, made dinner reservations, and a many other tasks. The food is excellent.

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    . . . . He shined my shoes . . . .

    Was it a spit "shine?"

    I wonder if Tauck will add Scylla's new small expedition ship, MS “Seaventure” (the former Hapag-Lloyd MS “Bremen") to their mix? It just started being operated by Viva Cruises in the Baltic and North Sea. You can read about it here: https://polarjournal.ch/en/2020/10/23/swiss-expedition-ship-on-route-from-2021/ and here: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/21958-scylla-to-expand-into-expedition-market-with-viva-cruises.html

  • Sorry Alan. I did not watch. I was busy drinking their Champaign. You put the shoes outside the door and they would reappear nicely shined. Upon request, they would also unpack and repack your luggage. Of course then you would have figure out where to find your stuff. We did not use that service.

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