Weather for Spirit of the Dessert 2022

We have the Spirit of the Dessert (Utah, Arizona, Nevada) planned for June 5-14 next year. Friends say it will be too hot (aka 2020 weather) and we should go earlier or later. Contemplating 5/22 or 9/22. Anyone have any specific thoughts on this? We would prefer it to be not too hot. Thanks in advance for your thoughts! (and we know it may be a lucky guess!).


  • markfao - Your friends are correct. I live in Tucson for a reference. In the summer both Phoenix and Las Vegas are hotter than Tucson. In Tucson, June is the hottest month because the monsoons that help keep the temperatures lower haven't started yet. Even in late May and early September you could encounter 100+ degree temperatures. Here in the desert southwest the 90s is doable (negligible humidity), so that might meet your "not too hot" criteria. You have to balance these temperatures with the cooler ones you will have at elevation in some of the parks. I think your May or September options would be good choices.

  • markfao- We're about 10 miles north of Tucson and I agree with Sam. Just remember that even the Rock Star weather guessers don't always get it right. I think this year they were predicting very little rain for our monsoon. With a few hours left, we've already had the wettest July on record!

  • Yep, too hot in Jun. I live in the mountains near Albuquerque but have done a lot of camping in AZ and UT -- but not in June. Too hot. Sep & Oct are my favorite months. Generally not too hot and not windy which it can be in the spring/early summer. And as Jeff said, hard to predict from year to year these days. We had a sucky Jun but since then the monsoons have been good this year.

  • I would recommend 9/22 over 5/22 if you're worried about heat in Las Vegas. By the end of May it will be in the 90s or 100s. However, for the best overall trip, go with 5/22. It will be much cooler in the mountains (basically the rest of the trip) and May is probably better.

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