Grand Rail Adventure: Vienna the Alps and Milan

Has anyone taken this trip recently? Wondering how Covid cautions, restrictions and awareness may have affected the quality of the experience. Thanks for updated experience tales.


  • The tour hasn’t had a departure yet.

  • Tauck is having a "webinar" of this tour next Thursday, 26 Aug, at 1100 eastern time.

  • kfnk...Do you know how we sign up for webinars? I have never received invites. thx.

  • MarketArt -

    Try sending an e-mail to [email protected] and ask them to either sign you up and/or have them send you an invite. They also reference [email protected]

    I hope one of those will work for you!

  • Most of the webinars are recording so you can see them on theTauck website. There is no real advantage to seeing them live.

  • It's nice to know there is someone else who plans far in advance. This is on my 2023 list, but I just might take it next year. There are many slots still available for 2022.

  • A new wrinkle...Some countries are now setting vaccine expiration dates for travel. So far, Austria & Croatia, 270 days. More data for our spreadsheets.

  • Croatia announced this a couple of months ago. How it will fare for Americans, I’m not sure. Now I’m glad we were later getting vaccines after all the anxieties waiting to begin with.

  • British - I’m in just the opposite camp, if they hold to the 8 month gap from last original vaccine shot until you can get the booster shot. I will have my booster before any additional travel.

  • Our plan exactly,…waiting for go ahead to get booster!

  • I don’t take my first foreign tour until January. My booster will be due at the end of November. I’m expecting a massive crush with everyone whether at eighth month or not, trying to get an appointment for their booster. In our area, it was impossible to easily get an appointment because of queue jumping, for the first vaccines, so I’m expecting this to happen and glad I will not be at the eight month point until November.
    If more countries begin demanding that your last shot should not be more than 270 days ago, my later shot should cover me for longer when I actually hope to be traveling abroad. Unless those who can prove they have had boosters are exempt. So far, their is no research that getting a booster earlier than eight months is any advantage for those with normal immune systems.

  • Hi, cathyandsteve.

    I agree that the webinar was not too exciting, but I just love the idea of rail travel and watching the gorgeous scenery from the comfort of the lounge/viewing car. The rooms definitely look cozy, but that is part of the allure! I will be booking this tour for 2023.

    Safe travels! I have missed your posts!

  • When I first saw Grand Rail, I thought of Hercule Poirot! I'm afraid someone new to Tauck watching that would hardly be lured in. Presenting to an audience is an art that takes special skills. Good thing they are preaching to the choir. Looking forward to tour feedback. Another day in Milan would be a good idea, even if on your own.

  • I sure hope this Rail Adventure turns out well, as opposed to something being romanticized into something it isn’t. I did a lot of train trips growing up, since my Dad worked for the railroad and we could ride for free. Now my trips were from Seattle to various points in the Midwest, not in Europe but we did go through Glacier park both directions. If train travel is in small doses, a few hours a day, then it is acceptable. A multi-day train ride where all you do is look out a window is far from a good trip. FYI - never take a train across eastern Montana. It goes on forever with nothing to see but endless grazing land.

    All the train segments that I’ve been on as part of Tauck tours, because they are no different, and a little more comfortable than coach rides have been a nice change of pace.

  • I noticed "2 jabs" for everyone on board was mentioned several times near the end of the webinar. I know people who received the single-dose J&J vaccine. I'm calling this an error on Tauck's part. I believe J&J is also being administered in Europe, so not sure why participants kept emphasizing 2 jabs.

  • We have this one on our watch/wish list with Tauck and look forward to this adventure with Tauck.

  • We met a Tauck TD named Terry on our ‘Treasures …’ trip. She was doing a refresher tour, and said she would be a TD on the Grand Rail adventure. She is American, but she lives in Florence.

  • Terry is absolutely wonderful. She led our Scandinavia trip several years ago. Her research and sharing of fascinating little-known stories was superb. You'll be lucky to travel with her.

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