Those who've gone on this trip during summer 2021... it still worth going, given the level of service (food, lodging, amenities, etc.) especially in the National Parks? Were there any activities that were cancelled? How did Tauck handle social distancing on the bus(es)?

Anything else we should know?

We're scheduled to go in mid-September. How did Tauck handle social distancing on the bus(es)? Thanks.


  • Here's another consideration:
    I live in Denver and the air here has been awful for the last 3-4 wereks from the California wildfires. If you go to, you'll see the air is even worse in the Yellowstone and Jackson Hole areas. Expect poor views, gray skies, etc. I bicycled this morning with an N95 mask - not for Caviid, but to filter out the particulates in the air.

  • The level of service, pre.Covid was never very good, the hotel facilities have improved from years ago. We did a Tauck Yellowstone and Tetons tour a couple of years ago, not the same one they do now. In Jackson Hole, we stayed at a Four Seasons which is way way out of Town. We saw the other Tauck hotel in the town and thought old, it had characters and we would have preferred staying there instead of paying out for a half hour taxi ride into town. Food can be basic on the parks tours but Tauck does the best it can in all the places. The scenery is King, who remembers the food anyway, I don’t. You can’t stay in good hotels if they aren’t there.

  • We went June 7, 2021. Many of the National Park facilities had only been open for a week, so staffing was tight. Our Tour Director, Mary P did a spectacular job of navigating difficult waters. Some on our tour complained abut the level of service and dining, my wife and I thought it was great. Best trip I've ever been on.

  • We have friends on the Yellowstone and Teton trip right now…haven’t had any feedback yet!

  • Thanks to all for the feedback! Please keep them coming!
    BKMD: Thanks for the website mention. Very informative!
    Nancy: Please do keep me posted on your friends' feedback.

  • Dave T - Happy to help. Now for good news/bad news follow-up: Our air has been better recently, however, on the news they are saying the winds have pushed the smoke more into Wyoming. It's a moving target.

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