EU poised to recommend halting nonessential travel from U.S. due to COVID spike



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    There is an update today on the Tauck Web Site that address this situation. I am thinking they have probably gotten many calls from concerned travelers.

    • Since June, we have been thrilled to welcome our valued patrons back to Europe by land, small ship and river cruise. We have safely hosted thousands of travelers this year with extremely high customer satisfaction scores. Since August 1, all Tauck guests travelling to Europe must be fully vaccinated.

    • We are aware of the recent decision by the European Union to drop the United States from its “safe list” and recommend that member nations reimpose travel-related restrictions due to the surge in COVID infections among unvaccinated Americans. This policy is not a mandate, and rest assured it is Europe’s member states who decide whether to follow the EU guidance based on local conditions. We are hopeful that the countries we visit will continue to welcome vaccinated Americans. As of today, no European entry requirements have been impacted by the EU recommendation. Tauck and your airlines will continue to monitor the protocols in place and will advise accordingly as European countries continue to evolve their own travel policies. Please visit our COVID-19 Travel Requirements for the latest requirements.

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    Sealord.... You did an amazing job! happy to hear you coming back safe but will miss your reports of Hope. :))
    Yes, I wonder too... why am I here... when I wanted so bad to be there.... but it's coming soon!
    Welcome back.

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    edited September 2021

    Thanks for the welcome back, but I’m sitting at the roof top pool at the Malta Marriott right now. We have our boarding passes and expect to leave the hotel at three-fifteen in the morning. I think there are seven of us on that bus. It will be an early dinner and early to bed tonight, We are flying Malta to Frankfurt, and then an eleven hour flight from Frankfurt to San Francisco. Then we get to see our puppy. She probably thinks she belongs to her caretaker after our two, two week trips in less than eight weeks.

    Just to be ‘clear’, we loved both the Intercontinental Marseille, and the Malta Marriott. I just wanted to point out some things that might bring tears to your eyes if you don’t check the ‘menu’. My friend told me that a Martini at the Savoy in London is around thirty-five dollars … that does not mean he did not love staying at the Savoy. (;-)

    Just came back to our room to discover my wife enjoying a ‘float’ in our giant bath tub. I offered to take a picture but she declined that opportunity for ‘stardom’.

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    I’m just about to start reading a book all about the Savoy hotel. We have stayed there once and want go again. We have an affinity to it as keen lovers and performers of Gilbert and Sullivan
    We recently purchased a book all about the Savoy. For anyone interested in the book I’ll post a review to you by PM when I’ve finished it. My husband loved it.

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    Portugal is remaining open -- this is good news for our trip coming up in a few weeks

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    British...did you mean to post the Savoy book under London theatre thread?

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    Replying where SeaLord mentioned martinis there. If the book is good, I’ll post about it on correct part of forum

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