Change or Canceled?

With the quarantine imposed by the Dutch government, has anyone heard about the status of "Autumn Along the Rhine: Munich's Oktoberfest"? Does Tauck have plans to cancel or adjust the departure location and itinerary? Oktoberfest was canceled months ago. It is scheduled for departure next week and people who are flying in early are days away from departure.


  • This is taken from the Tauck website right now. They don’t monitor the forum regularly

    The Netherlands: We are aware that the USA has been categorized by the Dutch government as a “Very High Risk Area.” We know that this may involve a possible mandatory quarantine of American travelers and will provide details as soon as we confirm them. This is a rapidly changing situation and, as of now, we will still be running all of our trips visiting the Netherlands. Our operations team is currently planning for potential impacts on our trips and are reviewing itinerary adjustments should they be necessary. Please note that travelers transiting through the Netherlands from a "very high risk area" to another country are not impacted as long as they do not leave the airport, train station or bus/coach station during their layover. We are monitoring this situation closely and will provide updates as we learn more.

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    Just a general observation- just when it looked like things were getting better and Tauck started ramping up tours and climbing out of the deep COVID hole we were all in, COVID has greased the lip of the hole! :/:/ This must be incredibly hard on the folks at Wilton Woods!

  • You know what makes me very angry? This is caused primarily by unvaccinated people - their stupidity and selfishness. Covid will always be around but this outbreak is primarily due to,those who do not get vaccinated. And, I am getting angrier and angrier at those people. To those who are vaccinated, we are ready to move on but we can’t because some people are just stupid…

  • alidor30: Couldn't agree with you more! We are fed up with the situation too!

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    We cancelled Monday and rebooked for 2023, since we have both the Ireland and Great Britain trips reserved in 2022. We had tacked on the Bellisima Northern Italy trip to the end of this one, so we moved it also. So sad. This trip had been cancelled for us in 2020 and now again in 2021. It is just heart-breaking.

  • Dusseldorf is the new embarkation for this trip. We booked this trip in 2018 for 2020, moved to 2021. Tauck was not offering contract air in July when we decided it was safe to travel due to husbands high risk health implications. We booked our own airfare. As of today we have an $11K e credit on the airlines and Tauck has $17K of our money. So much for luxury travel, should have done a Carnival cruise. Moving my travel $$$$ elsewhere.

  • If Tauck cancel, you will get your money back

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    In the past two months or so we have done two trips … a Windstar trip, and a Tauck trip. One was on the “Star Breeze” out of Sint Maarten, and the other was on Ponant’s “Le Bougainville” out of Nice. Both were great trips. I would not cancel anything unless Tauck cancels. If Tauck goes, we go! Our first two weeks on the “Star Breeze” got canceled, so we booked the following two weeks. That cost an extra thousand dollars for air travel, but Windstar more than made up for our added expense. Actually, the total of the bennies that Windstar gave us far exceeded our total cost for the trip.

  • A little confused by the Mrs Houli post. Unless you cancel at the last minute, ‘and’ you don’t buy the Tauck insurance, Tauck does not keep your money. The privately purchased airline fare has nothing to do with Tauck. I hope she enjoys Carnival. (;-)

  • I have had the Tauck insurance compensate me for flights that I booked on my own for a Tauck tour.

  • Interesting. I’ll have to re-read that insurance contract.

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    September 10
    I have had the Tauck insurance compensate me for flights that I booked on my own for a Tauck tour.

    Me too. It all depends on the situation. We had to cancel two weeks before departure, and had booked our own flights. Tauck (Aon) reimbursed us for the flights because we satisfied the criteria- a qualifying family member was hospitalized.

  • Tauck trip protection only covers airfare cancellation for medical reasons. We could have received a refund for only half the cost. This is because this is our 5th Tauck trip cancellation since covid reared it's head, almost half the trip covered by our dreamsaver $$$ from the 5 cancelled trips dream saver $$$ from the trip protection policies, we have moved to 2022. We are just upset because our friends are going and we could not make it work.

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