tour of the Milan Duomo

We are hoping, if Covid permits, to be on the Oct. 4 2021 tour. A walking tour of Central Milan is on the schedule, but does that include the interior of the Duomo?


  • I would check with Tauck or read the information for the tour carefully. You can get an idea from their wording as to whether it included going in certain sites.
    When we went on the River cruise that began in Milan, it was only a walk around. We booked a tour of the Duomo for the day before the tour began. You must get tickets well in advance on line under normal circumstances. There are several choices of tickets. We chose one that included the roof tour, which was almost the best part. There is an option to skip the narrow stairs in ticketing too. We chose that option. If I recall, you get the tickets you ordered on line at a little ticket office nearby where you also meet your guide, it’s quite confusing, so make sure you are in the correct place and in good time incase you are not.
    We took a tour of the opera museum too. You can’t actually go into the opera house, but you can peep through the glass at the back of one of the boxes and when we were there, there was a ballet rehearsal taking place which we watched for quite a while.

  • I would also check with Tauck, like British the River cruise that began in Milan did not include a tour of Duomo only a walk around.

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    Don’t miss the Rooftops of the Duomo! Spectacular! British, I remember how tricky it was to find the little shop where you meet your guide. We used a private guide for 8 of us and it was the best. There’s an upstairs restaurant in a store right by the Duomo with their own rooftop terrace to eat and has a great view. Love Italia and especially Milano!

    Plus the Gallerias right by the Duomo are fabulous just to see…whether you are a shopper or not! So hope you’re arriving early!

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