Local currency?

I'm finding it difficult to find Peruvian Sol where I live. I'm curious if the rest of you are bringing local currency on the trip or just planning to exchange at the airport, in Lima, or rely on credit cards.


  • We never get foreign currency before a trip. We use USD or plastic. If we decide we will need some, we get it from an ATM at the airport. We didn't need Sol anywhere in Lima (hotel, Inka Market, paragliding, restaurants), the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, nor most of Cusco. We finally got some at an ATM in Cusco to use in a pizza place that for some reason wouldn't accept plastic or USD.

  • I agree with Alan 100%. I was in Peru in 2015.

  • Thanks - I'll take it off my "to do" list. :)

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    USD? I’ve always used Sol in Lima, my summer escape from the heat, but then I’m there for a week or so. In Argentina dollars were in demand my last visit in 2018 and small shops and markets to my surprise offered a better exchange rate for dollars. But in general I always traffic in local currency and don’t flash USD when traveling, for exchange rate and other reasons that are perhaps flagable.

  • The dollar is the currency of Ecuador including the Galapagos. In the Galapagos you might find it difficult to spend money, unless they ‘relent’ and give you free time. But, carry some quarters (look almost like ours but some different art work) cuz the toilet paper machines require quarters. Or just ‘pinch’ a roll of toilet paper somewhere along the road. (;-)

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