Power Adapters for South Africa and Zimbabwe

Our scheduled South Africa Elegant Adventure tour is coming up in 4 weeks and I am going through our collection of power adapters to figure out if I have what is needed. It looks like there are several different kinds and hopefully someone who has been to South Africa can respond on what they have used.

South Africa has:

Type D. We have some of these from an India trip a few years ago.
Type M. We don’t have this one. It appears to have larger holes than type D.
Type N. This appears to be the same as Switzerland which we have.

The tour also goes into Zimbabwe and the adapters are:

Type D. We have this one.
Type G. Same as the UK which we have.


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    The rooms in most, if not all the hotels and lodges where Tauck stays have universal outlets that accept SA, European, and English, plugs. Some even accept US plugs. You can go to the hotel websites and probably find the answers. There was a time when this wasn't true. However when we did B,SA,Z a little over two years ago, I don't remember any special SA-only plugs being required in either Johannesburg or Capetown. I can't say about Zimbabwe, Kruger, or Sabi Sabi.

    Also, if you have a power strip, you'll only need one or two adapters which are often available at the front hotel desk or concierge. You can also get a universal adapter- a single, all in one unit or a kit with multiple plug sub-adapters that will fit receptacles in most countries. I've used both styles.

    The One & Only website, says, "Electricity. Electricity is supplied at 220 volts. Adaptors are available." The Cape Grace says, "International plug points." And don't forget TripAdvisor- The Property Representative at the Vic Falls Hotel said, "The standard plugs in the hotel are English square and South African round. In our newer Stables wing we have installed a combination of US and European socket options as well."

    In any case, I think you'll be safe with a Type "D" adapter.

  • Alan, Thanks for the information. I'll probably end up getting a type M adapter since that is the only one we don't have. Buying one won't break the bank and we can add it to our growing collection of power adapters. We do have a travel power strip so that won't be an issue.

  • Our Elegant SA tour was a long time ago, I think I even remembered using the small type M one in one location.
    The wonderful Cape Grace hotel, of course, loaned you plugs you did not have. We loved the service in that hotel, so much better than the One and Only.

  • I should probably ask this in another thread but does anyone know the need for taking malaria prophylaxis on this tour?

    We took some on our trip to India and Nepal a few years ago but stopped taking them after a couple of days. Only a couple of other people were taking them and even the tour director said don't bother with them because of the side effects.

  • We always take Malaria meds. Never have side effects. Can’t remember whether you need different type of Malaria meds than for India. You would have to check. For us it’s better safe than sorry. Last time we were at Victoria Falls we encountered lots of mosquitoes even in our room.
    Ask advice of your travel doctor.

  • We took this tour and we took Malarone starting 2 days before we went to Kruger. We didn’t have any side effects. As British said, there were a lot of mosquitos in Victoria Falls.

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