Hidden Galapagos & Peru vs. Peru & Galapagos Islands

We are thinking of going to the Galapagos and noticed that Tauck has two trips. One is 15 days and the other 16 days. We have traveled with Silversea to Iceland and had a wonderful time. We are thinking of going in 2023 as there is very little availability for 2021. Any suggestions? We are leaning toward the Hidden Galapagos.


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    Galapagos and Peru are night and day different, both good but way different. Peru is more about architecture and ancient history, while the Galapagos is all about the unique marine and wild life. We did the combo, one week in each. The Galapagos portion was on the Isabella II. For me, the smaller the boat the better ( smaller crowds ), which means I vote for the opposite tour.

  • We just booked Peru and the Galapagos on Isabella II for 2023. We also considered Silversea but (a) the dates weren’t open yet and (b) we couldn’t really justify the $4,000 cost difference. The Peru portion of the tour is virtually identical. I’m sure either tour is great and we are looking forward to it.

  • Smiling Sam and Dottie D,

    Thank you so much for your suggestions and input.


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