Seat Rotation



  • milmil
    edited May 2022

    Jordan & Egypt: Petra to the Pyramids Sept. 2021 - no seat rotations. - but no one really care... friendly group. small group 16 only.

  • Magic of Morocco November 2021...10 people total on the tour. There was seat rotation, but some of us spread out and sat in the many unoccupied seats in back. Admittedly, we did take a mask "breather" back there - but this was during a Covid lull when case numbers were low (prior to Omicron).

  • British, how do you know the “Covid people” stayed in a subpar hotel and weren’t fed? What country was that and when? I’m heading to Italy today, so curious.

  • It was Costa Rica, not on a Tauck tour. I know because I kept in touch with a couple of the people, it was a small group trip. The hotels are not as high end as the Tauck hotels. They could not leave their rooms. This was a centrally located hotel in San Jose.

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