Account log on issues

Is anyone else having trouble logging on to their Tauck account from the Tauck website? I am trying to log on to my account but the log on portal has mysteriously disappeared.


  • Just tried it. I didn’t see the login option either.

  • Seeing the same login problem now. Earlier today, the web page was unavailable.

  • Maybe Tauck IT is doing system maintenance. I'm not going to log out to test it if there is a chance I can't log back in! :o

    If you are still having a problem send an email to [email protected]

  • Just checked, the log in button has disappeared

  • I have now been signed out of my account on my bedroom ipad, the sign in button is no longer active. My downstairs iPad is still working. We wanted to add flights to one of our tours today, but are now not able to do it, means another call to Tauck if nothing changes. But it’s probably a website update, who knows what they will do this time!

  • Tried to log in but no option available.Hope they correct the problem soon.

  • When I access the forum on Chrome, it thinks I'm a stranger, but doesn't let me log it. When I access on Safari, it recognizes least, for now.

  • Log in is back this AM!

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