Bathroom tipping in Egypt

When I was in Egypt 12 years ago, you had to tip every time you wanted to use the bathroom facilities. Someone was standing there to hand out the toilet tissue. Is it still that way? What is the appropriate amount? If you don’t have Egyptians coins, can you use US coins or would you need to give $1.00. THX!


  • It has been my experience that when Tauck makes a rest stop, the Tour Director takes care of tipping the bathroom attendant.

  • The going rate at bathrooms on our recent trip was 5 Egyptian pounds. Sometimes, where feasible, the TD paid for the group. She also gave everybody some 5 EP bills. We also changed some money, so had more than enough.

  • I did not paid anything... it was all taken care by Tauck.

  • Lorna…. In most places the banks will not exchange US coins for local currency. Which means essentially you are not tipping at all. Same goes for old or damaged bills. I would take a bundle or two of undamaged newer $1.00 bills. You will also need them when tipping the laundry delivery person and other incidentals.

  • Thx Trixie. I have my bundle of new $1.00 bills ready to go 😊. I suspected that US coins were not going to be of any value to the locals, but thx for clarifying.

  • Have a great trip!!

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