2023 Pricing

Hello, the 2023 pricing for the Israel/Jordan trip was released yesterday (12/22/21). The price went up $400 from 2022 to 2023.
I assume other trip pricing will become available over the next month. Happy Holidays and safe/wonderful travels in 2022!!!!


  • That’s a pretty normal price increase. I’m imagining that it will book quickly with Tauck probably having to cancel for yet another year. I think we might give up now and think about going elsewhere in the future.

  • never know... Israel just started doing 2nd booster shots.

  • Yes, but it’s closed it’s borders to the US. If it does open up, our next headache will be finding a place to get a PCR test.
    Happy Holidays everyone!

  • We are booked for May 2023 Kingdoms and Dragons…the pricing came out yesterday, too. Our price is $300 LESS than the 2022 pricing! I didn’t see that coming…a pleasant surprise!

  • Great news, Nancy. Be sure to have your husband use those savings to purchase a trinket for you when you take the Savoring France riverboat cruise in 2022!

  • Essence of South America and Patagonia 2023 pricing has been posted

  • Tauck has published the pricing for the Egypt: Jewels of the Nile and Magic of Morocco. We are going on both tours and there are only two days between them which works out for us. We will fly from Cario to Rabat to catch the second tour. The tour begins on October 29 to November 7, 2023 and then the Morocco portion begins on November 9 to November 18, 2023.

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