Intra-tour flights and carry-on luggage

Has anyone tried to take a camera bag and a personal bag onto an intra-tour flight while on the Jordan & Egypt trip?


  • PhotoBuff Are you referring to the flight from Aswan to Abu Simbel or the flight from Aswan to Cairo? For the flight to Abu Simbel I carried my DSLR camera in my nylon backpack. For the Egypt Air flight from Aswan to Cairo, I carried my Billingham Camera Bag and a Longchamp Pilage shoulder bag. Hope this helps!

  • PureLuxury I'm worried about the 11 lb carry-on total weight limit we're that enforced?

  • I don't believe they weighed anything on our small flights. They are private charter flights, although they have to fit in the overhead or under the seat and those spaces were small.

  • from Luxor to Cairo is the only time to have to make sure you only have 1! checking suitcase... they don't care about the weight, just that it's only 1! any xtra it's $25 ea,
    All flights are commercial aircraft type and the one from Amman to Aswan is a charter, and they are okay with both carryon bag + camera bag.

  • Thank you everyone for your feedback. I'm relieved!

  • PhotoBuff No one ever mentioned carryon weights and no one weighed our carryon's during the check-in process. It was never mentioned.

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