June 3, 2022 Tour

Is anybody on this tour?


  • Not until July 17, Billybob. Hope you’ll post a review on your return.

  • Dottie, We will also be on the July 17th tour. looking forward to it.

  • Hi Sherri. Look forward to meeting you.

  • We did that tour in 2018. If you want to see some details about it, go to https://www.mikeandjudytravel.com/2018EnglandScotlandWales-01.htm
    It may have changed since we did the tour.

  • Thanks, Mike. That’s very helpful and I appreciate all the work you put into it.

  • Going on this tour 08/24/22. Please post any travel suggestions for this tour.

  • Please be more specific!

  • My mistake we leave home on August 24th. Start our tour August 26th.

  • I just returned from this tour, first tour out. The Tour itself was wonderful and Tauck remains high on my list above all other tour companies. Even being the first tour out in over 2 years, most went well and Rachel was an excellent tour guide.. What didn't go so well was the issue of masking which masks were not required on the bus until Wales, 5 days later. Why? because someone who had been sick for 2 days, tested negative, but still sick was not asked to eat away from other guests. The 3rd day he tested positive for covid along with another woman that same night. (He and his wife flew home to Canada) . Masks were required on the bus and each day more people began coughing. .
    One guests coughed from day 3 stating allergies. She was tested the 14 day and tested borderline positive meaning she was at the end of the virus. Her husband was positive. Due to the restrictions of US requiring a negative rapid tests, any guests that test positive must stay in UK until a negative test is shown. On day 14, 8 more tested positive before the dinner and 10 still would not be tested until the day before they left Sunday or Monday and 3 of them had been coughing for the previous 4 days.. Bottom line, at least half the bus did not leave UK for US. Yes we all knew this was a possibility but I think that Tauck should have had better protocols in place for those who come down sick such as sitting in the back of the bus, not dining with other guests, transparency on who was sick, etc. So if you go while the US has the negative covid test requirement, wear your masks.
    whenever possible. Be cautious at meals with who you sit with and distancing. You have a 50/50 chance of getting back into the US after the tour and make plans that this is a good possibility. . I was one of the negatives but kept my distance, remained masked and sat away from the coughers!

  • Feelthelove, from what has been said from all the people who report back on tours, even if Tauck says you must wear masks, people don’t, it’s not enforced and no one has ever reported that there is any sort of social distancing attempted. It is up to you to keep yourself safe, this is really a bad situation I really thought Tauck would be on the ball and I am disappointed.
    If you have Rachel, she is a lovely girl, we had her on two Tauck Africa trips years ago but I believes she has been doing the UK tours for a while.
    We are about to test, we have been in a show with about 60 people in front and behind scenes this weekend, So far there have been three positives. Otherwise we have been constant mask wearers for two years but we’re eager to get back to our pre Covid fun.

  • Thanks for the info, FeeltheLove. We leave on this trip in two months. Glad to hear that the trip itself was wonderful. Any highlights you’d like to share?

  • Can you pass along the names of hotels where those who had to quarantine stayed?

    Is this your tour’s Rachel sitting next to Ron our TD? She did her initial cross-training during our ESW in 2013!

  • Yes, Rachel is fun

  • I was told by several of the guests who tested positive on day 14 at the Savoy were moving over to the Strand hotel due to the cost per night difference. Why I don't know. Did it have something to do with the insurance coverage. I don't know that either.

  • edited May 2022

    Perhaps the Savoy had no rooms available for them and fully booked going forward. This could be a big problem as the summer season gets nearer, to find hotel accommodation for Covid positive Americans. I do hope Tauck helps out
    On reflection, I think I have stayed at the Strand a few years ago on a very budget vacation with a group of friends. I shared with another girl in an extreme small room. The only other thing I can remember is there was a helpful concierge

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