June 22 Eastbound Bridges Cruise

Hello, All! My family are first-time Tauckers :), though my husband and I have sailed with Viking before. This trip is our triumphant return to international travel after a two-year break, and we are SO excited. We will be staying at the Kinderhotel in Oberjoch for a few days before the cruise to get over the jet lag and let the kids burn off some energy after the flight, and then staying in Budapest for a few days after. I'm curious how much "down time" is built into this Bridges tour, since it is somewhat shorter than the same non-Bridges itinerary? For example, when we sailed the Rhine with Viking, there were a couple of morning where we were just sailing and could sit on the sun deck enjoying the scenery without feeling like you should be sightseeing in town, and most afternoons were on our own. I like planned excursions, but don't want that to take up every minute of our trip. Thanks so much!


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    I think you will find there is far less free time with Tauck than on a Viking tour

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    Free time at a location is stated in the itinerary usually after some activity like a guided walk. As for down time, read the itinerary and look for words like "your river boat continues" and when that is. They'll tell you if it's overnight, after lunch, etc. During down time there is usually some activity on board. For adult tours that's often a talk in the lounge about some aspect of the tour, scarf tying, etc. For Bridges tours I'd expect activities that kids would be more interested in. Of course you can skip it and chill out on the sundeck, watch a movie, there are games (both board and putting green) available, etc.

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