Wadi Mujib Gorge: early arrival option at Kempinski Dead Sea (especially for the Oct 17, 2022 J&E)

If you are arriving early for the J&E tour, as we are, you might want to consider a visit to the Wadi Mujib Gorge which is only 30 minutes from the Kempinski (https://www.kempinski.com/en/dead-sea/hotel-ishtar/local-information/the-wadi-mujib-gorge/). I got some pricing information from the hotel (converted to approx. USD) for R/T transport (sized for the group from small sedan {~$110) to mini-van {~$155}), admission to the Gorge (~$30/pp) and a guided tour (~$50/group):

2 people: ~$220 or $110/pp
4 people: ~$320 or $80/pp
6 people: ~$380 or $65/pp

The Gorge is usually open from the beginning of April to the end of October, so our trip starting Oct 17th will be close
Arrangements can be made through the Kempinski Concierge at least 24 hours in advance (though I think much earlier is a good idea): Concierge Ishtar [email protected].

Anybody on the October 17th departure interested in doing this on the 17th (when the tour begins with dinner and reception that evening)?


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    I looked into that, it sounded interesting, but it won't be open until after our tour.

    It is a truly wet experience. You trek a canyon similar to the siq in Petra, but in this canyon the floor is mostly wet- a stream runs though it. You need water shoes! The farther you get into the canyon the wetter it gets, until you are eventually walking through waist to chest-deep water and pulling yourself along on ropes attached to the canyon walls, until your reach a small waterfall. While it can keep you cool in the hot months, it is not for the colder shoulder seasons. It is part of a much larger National Park popular with trekkers. Google it.

  • :o ...thanks, but NO thanks!

  • That looks amazing! We are on the Oct. 20 tour, but may fly in a few days early. What day are you planning on doing this?

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    Our tour starts on October 17th. We arrive on the 16th, so we have the day of the 17th free before the reception/dinner that evening.

    BTW: the Siq trail (from what I read here: https://www.touristjordan.com/wadi-mujib/) may not be that featured in Alan's lower photo. Though wading through some water seems to be in the cards. Not unlike at least part of the hike in the Narrows of Zion Park. With daytime high at about 90 degrees, it may feel quite good.

  • I'll check it out. Thank you for the information and I will let you know if we arrive in time to do the tour on the 17th.

  • Mimitravels: the cost is pretty reasonable IMO so you may want to organize yourselves or find others from your tour who may wish to do this if the 17th doesn't work for you.

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    I think the deeper water and ropes are located near the smooth terraced waterfall. I believe it is a guided tour- multiple guides/safety staff and you must wear a supplied life jacket.

  • Make sure to leave time for a Dead Sea mud treatment!

  • Taking the J & E tour 11/20/22, arriving 2 days early, so appreciate the suggestions from Portolan and AlanS. Happy to be on non-stop flight to Jordan from IAD, so we arrive at 3:55pm, rather than after 11PM. Anyone have any updates on GEM opening ??? still see the "hopefully Nov of 2022" dialogue. Also, I just read info today that as of 6/17/22, Egypt's Covid-19 entry restrictions were lifted. True ??? if so, hope it remains that way. Anyone tried Bourj Al Hamam restaurant in Ammann ? Anyone else on 11/20/22 adventure ?

  • We are on the 11/14/22 trip. I would be open to any suggestions of things to do in Jordan when we fly in 2 days early.

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