Test positive for COVID-19

What accommodations does Tauck provide if you test positive during a tour, especially right before returning to the United States. How is the quarantine handled? If you must quarantine at the end of the tour before returning, does Tauck provide lodging, meals, etc. for the extended stay?


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    Your Tauck insurance will cover it, but the rules are different in every country, you have to check what is relevant for you.

  • LOL 2 positive tests on last Tauck trip last day. TG handed us over to hotel. Who of course moved us to a different room and we were charged for everything. When these tours are over the TG move on. You are pretty much on your own.
    Insurance is a must these days. You travel at your own risk. Just be sure you have a plan if you should test positive.

  • We are midway through the Israel-Jordan trip and one person (out of the 10 in our group) has tested positive. Our TD provided test kits for the rest of us. Thankfully, my husband and I were negative. Hopefully, that will be the case for the next week. The individual who was positive must quarantine at our hotel in Jerusalem (Waldorf Astoria) and will eventually fly home from here. It’s a gamble to travel in times of Covid, but if the gamble pays off, it’s so well worth it.

  • Jan - have the tour participants been wearing masks?

  • Yikes, so they will have missed the tour!

  • Masks are no longer mandated in Israel. We have seen no one in masks. Once we had the one participant test positive, we were advised to wear our masks when indoors and everyone complied.

  • Thank you, Jan. We are at O'Hare now. While masking is no longer required, I am surprised that more travelers are not taking that precaution.

  • Lotusgirl, it is not just the travelers who are not masking—we’ve not seen locals with masks either. I will say, however, that much of what we’ve been doing has been outdoors. And masking in restaurants is counter productive since they must be removed to eat. We are somewhat fortunate that we are a very small group—we are down from 10 to 9.

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    I still think Tauck could do a better job at social distance during meal time. When we took a US tour in February, no attempt was made to space us out during group meals. Of course we were in the US so we were not tested. On our only non US tour since the Pandemic began, we did our best to separate ourselves…example, when people asked to join us for breakfast, we said no. I still think this along with wearing masks when others would not, though was supposed to be compulsory, saved us from being one of the 20 % of people on the tour that tested positive at the end of the tour. Frankly, we don’t care if we are the only people wearing masks in places, our life is too busy to have to cancel stuff because we test positive. Here, in the Philly area, there is still quite a bit of mask wearing.
    People have to use the science and common sense when they are out of the country. To start wearing masks after someone has tested positive is kinda like closing the gate when the horse has bolted, you have to consider the incubation period.

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    Arrived in Tel Aviv yesterday. Masks were required on our flight, but very few here are wearing masks, including the driver who took us to the hotel.

    For people coming in, stop by one of the machines, similar to the Global Entry machines, to get your border control card, which is needed before passing through the check point on the way to passport control, because they no longer stamp your passport.

    Update: Just received the Tauck info. KN95 or equivalent masks are required while on the bus.

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