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My account with Tauck shows a $700 Dream Saver Credit. Does anyone know how this can be used? I have a current trip booked for June and am not sure if this can be used for this trip. Thanks.


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    Yes, it can be used. But, it depends on the trip. As I understand it, if the money is added, there is a possibility if the tour is cancelled, you could lose it. So be sure it is a definite go…example, don’t add It to a Baltic Cruise. We have been told a couple of times not to add this to a tour until at the final payment, just in case. But rules may be more lenient now because it has seemed to vary every time we call when a tour is canceled or we book something new. At one time,Tauck would email you paperwork confirming the credit, but not always. I would be sure to keep records because some agents found credits we were told were no longer there. That’s why we became very confused. I’m sure I’ve now confused you! I suggest calling Tauck and making sure you are talking to an experienced agent to see what exactly the rules are now.

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    Yes, your credit will be applied when final payment is due. This was the case for us when we had a dream saver credit from a previously canceled tour.

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