Restaurants in Savannah and Charleston

Heading on the Tauck Savannah trip April 7th. We have two restaurants to book independently. Suggestions please?


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    It has been awhile since I took that Tauck tour, but it seemed to me that there were more opportunities for fine dining in Charleston than there was in Savannah, if that is what you might like to do.

  • I live outside of Hilton Head and am familiar with both. Do not like Magnolias! Have had several things happen there and just don’t like it. Do like Slightly North of Broad (SNOB).

    In Savannah, there are a lot of good places to eat. One that comes to mind is the Olde Pink House. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Oh dear, we were in Charleston just this past May and ate at several restaurants, all good but no idea of the names, the concierge recommended most of them

  • I'll second the vote for The Olde Pink House in Savannah. And the basement bar there is great.

  • Charleston - Magnolias at LUNCH.
    Dinner - Revival is the BEST, Anson's is next best. We lived there for 15 yrs and those are the 2 we always eat at when we return for a visit. Def need RSVP.

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    I was all set to suggest Hominy Grill in Charleston, but just read they closed in 2020, after nearly 24 years. No reason given. Tried to attach photo, for nostalgia's sake.

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    I'm with cathyandsteve and terrilynn on recommending Magnolias. Thoroughly enjoyed the shrimp, scallops and grits. The bouillabaisse was also delicious.

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    I would love to travel with you! My mother made the best chicken livers. I tried to replicate her recipe but failed miserably. I think it might have to do with not being able to find quality liver. My father opened a butcher shop in New York after he brought us to America, so we were quite accustomed to quality meat. Those were the days!

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    We love Shrimp and Grits, so last year we ate several types while we were in Charleston. We came home with different packs of grits, even purple grits. When we went on a private tour of the city including to lesser known sites became we have been there before, the tour director who appeared to know several well known chefs in the city, told us you can cook grits in a rice cooker. We came home and tried in ours and it makes incredible grits without the usual hassle. Last night, we finally were able to make dinner for friends who had requested we make shrimp and grits. I was out for most of her day, and Mr. B had prepped .Let me recommend this book if you Ike grits

  • If you like to cook and are a fan of cast iron, there is a store in Charleston that specializes in Charleston and South Carolina made goods. Here you can buy Cast iron cooking utensils made in Charleston. They are of superior smooth quality. We bought a small skillet, big enough for melas for two. Heavy, but we did not have to worry about getting it home because we were on.a road trip. I recall that shipping would have been about $15

  • Thanks, British. My husband has a few of his mother's cast iron skillets and a cast iron tortilla plate that his father made for each of the children.

  • British, I love Natalie Dupree. Used to watch her PBS series and have several of her other cookbooks. Will have to look for that one.

    I've made Shrimp and Grits in my instant pot.

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    Always learning something new on the Forum. Was wondering what melas are, so I Googled it. I thought these were ethnic delicacies new to me. Turns out melas in Sanskrit are gatherings or fairs, or maybe it's a typo for memelas, Mexican masa cakes which could be cooked on cast iron, or maybe you meant meals? British, let us know, thx.

  • Pre-covid - I would recommend that if you are in Savannah on a M-F, Mrs. Wilkes Dining room for lunch. It is an unbelievable experience. No reservations and you should be in line by 10:30.

  • Even though it is too late for the original poster,,,In Charleston, I'd recommend Husk, 82 Queen, Hank's Seafood, Poogan's Porch, and FIG. Charleston is a real foodie town and your concierge will probably have suggestions for the newest and best restaurants.

    I'm so sad to hear Hominy Grill has closed.

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