Savoring France

I am thinking about booking this river cruise this year. Can anyone give me information about their experiences.


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    Tauck used to have a cruise called French Waterways which was almost identical. This one has a little more focus on food. French Waterways was our first tour with Tauck and first river cruise. It remains a favorite of ours and the reason we took 3 more river cruises and 4 land tours with them. One thing we particularly liked was that so many of the stops you can walk right from the ship to the sights. Our only complaint was it wasn't a longer tour. I didn't want to leave.

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    Choc: We did Savoring France in May of 2018 and thoroughly enjoyed our trip. As the name of the trip says, there was plenty of excellent food and wine tasting opportunities. The excursions allowed 2 to 3 options at each stop and did not disappoint. Here is a small sample.

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    Yes, this was a fantastic tour. Great food, wine, excursions and the boat and accommodations were truly first class. Enjoy!

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    Adding a few things to the post from SueMS since we shared a cabin on this cruise. (We actually have shared a cabin for almost the past 5 decades but that is a different story) :) As the trip name implies this trip is more focused on food than most other trips.

    In Paris the tour included a class at Le Cordon Blue where we learned to make macaroons.

    The trip included visiting several French food markets.

    Some chicken for sale in Lyon. How often do you get the chicken head with your chicken purchase in a US market?

    A winery visit.

    One of the many locks the ship passed through.

    A thumbs up from me on this tour.

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    Thanks for the memories. After the macaron class, we had plenty left over to munch on as we took the train to Lyon. Yet another tour that I would enjoy repeating!

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    This was a wonderful trip! Great food and wine.

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    Had to do some digging but found some of my photos. I'm not the best or most prolific photographer but these bring good memories.

    The fromagerie at the food market in Lyon the first day of the cruise. Didn't know what comte cheese was til then and now love it.

    More of the market's amazing products.

    Rousillon - one of my favorites. Could have easily stayed longer there.

    Arles - a former hospital and one of the places there where Van Gogh stayed. There's a painting of his of this garden.

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    I may repeat this cruise. It was that good. Many tastings... wines, cheeses, bread, pastries, chocolate... with local experts providing historical and cultural significance of these culinary delights. So many extra surprises... unexpected treats and additional daily tours added... without feeling rushed. In addition to the two days of guided bicycle tours in Avignon and near Les Baux, I asked two additional days for a bicycle to head out in the late afternoon by myself along the bicycle path in Lyon and again in Tain L'Hermitage. There were also culinary demonstrations on board while cruising.

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    We leave Sunday to start this trip on the 13th…love reading all the positive comments and beautiful photos! Thank you all for sharing!

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    I went on the French Waterways river cruise which visited just about all the same places and it was also wonderful.

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