April 13th Savoring France Trip

I thought I’d start a new thread since our trip is just beginning! Weather has been gorgeous…a little rain yesterday but nothing that stopped us! Only 60 guests on a 96 passenger river boat. We have two great Tauck directors, Elizabeth and Janet! Delightful and efficient. Our dinner at Fouquets last night was great…I know others have been negative, we all enjoyed it. A highlight today is the visit to the Cordon Bleu school and having Chef Frederick Deshayes teach our class! What fun…no offers to have me enroll! Truly a highlight! Tauck is well known for their surprises and culinary treats..,today was special…if you like Chocolate eClairs! We head to Lyon in the morning…so excited to be traveling again. I might add, masked on all forms of transportation, bus, train and boat! It’s been clearly explained to us and no one objecting! Truly, whatever it takes…


  • And the wonderful times have just begun! Elisabeth (I think that is how she spells it) is great!

  • Please keep us posted. My wife and I are taking this trip in September.

  • Mike the Elder, we are on the September 17th Savoring France cruise. You?

  • Nancy, I envy you the silk museum visit. I would have loved that. Glad you're having a good cruise.

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    Excellent museum. Hope you had time to check out the scarves in the shop; couldn't resist a silk-wool souvenir. I think you leave Viviers before dark; the old town night walks are spooky, or is it atmospheric.

  • Lyon is known for its silks, along with its gastronomy, of course. Was it the Le Musee des Tissus?

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    The plot thickens. Looks like there are 2 textile museums in Lyon. La Maison des Canuts, focusing on the silk industry, is open; the Musée des Tissus et des Arts Décoratifs (Textile Arts) is listed as temporarily closed for renovation.

  • Marketart, we went to La Madison des Canuts…fascinating history and demonstration of an exquisite art. Yesterday the Truffle Farm visit was a hit…unfortunately I took a tumble in Lyon (watch out for uneven paths, walkways) and had to miss it. It sounded totally interesting. Tauck is well known for added surprises…lagniappes as they call them! Yesterday, we had a special one! We have had only one evening buffet…all other dinners have been plated and no one is complaining. As said elsewhere, the staff is excellent, friendly and so eager to please. Blessed to be traveling again.

  • Nancy,

    Thanks for clarifying which textile/silk museum you visited in Lyon. I'm sorry you had to miss the truffle farm, but I'm sure you heard all about it. Like you, I won't give away the "surprise" gift. I treasured it for a very long time! There are several more to come!

  • Nancy, hope you had a speedy recovery & are now good to go. Sounds like a great time.

  • Taking this river cruise, the first week of April 2023. Anyone else signed up? Really enjoy the river cruises.

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