Rhine Enchantment- August 24, 2022 Pre hotel

Anyone have recommendations for Pre night hotels in Amsterdam? We are thinking of NH Center or Doubletree or Radisson Blu. Tauck has no hotel for Amsterdam for our cruise date. TIA


  • We stayed at the Kimpton Dewitt near the central station. Quirky, good service, surprisingly quiet considering the location. Not as posh as most Tauck hotels we've stayed at but quite acceptable. We tried to stay at the Double tree which is even closer to where the river ships dock but it was fully booked.

  • In 2017, we stayed at the Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam after a Tauck tour. It has a very nice atrium eating area. Our room was a bit odd in that there was a long hallway to the bath area, which was quite large. The hallways were very dark with black walls and poor lighting, so much so that we used a solar flashlight to walk the hallway corridors. We never saw anyone in that hallway! It is in a great location, however, close to the Rijksmuseum.

    On independent travel, we have stayed numerous times at the Sofital Legend The Grand Amsterdam situated on a canal with great cafes and shops in every direction (pre COVID). I was pleased to see that this is Tauck's pre-tour hotel of choice on our holiday cruise next year.

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    OmaGoh: Tauck does have a ‘pre’ hotel in Amsterdam, and it is as said above the Sofitel Legend The Grand. We will be there on August 23rd with four of our friends.

  • We were at the Kimpton DeWitt last week. I agree with Claudia that it’s a bit quirky but with good service. The location worked well for us.

  • How was the Tauck hotel in Amsterdam?

  • You are spot on Sealord. Tauck does have pre/post hotel in Amsterdam.
    HOWEVER, we tried to book pre hotel in July but was advised that the "quota" for the pre hotel for October was booked!

    So staying at Raddison Blu.

  • The Radisson Blu is very close to the Sofitel.

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    October 6
    . . . .we tried to book pre hotel in July but was advised that the "quota" for the pre hotel for October was booked! . . .

    You waited too long. Should have booked the pre-stay when you booked your tour. Tauck only gets a certain limited number of pre and post stay rooms and when they are gone, they are gone. If you booked the tour in July, consider yourself lucky to even get a tour spot. I know it is hard to plan so far ahead, be we book tours and pre and post-stays as soon as the tours are posted on the Tauck website.

  • You can try booking directly with the hotel. The rate may be more ( and sometimes less) than Taucks contracted rate which includes breakfast and all tipping. You'll still get a transfer from the airport and ride to the ship. Double check with the Tour Director re getting your luggage picked up and transferred from the hotel.

  • We were most impressed by the Hotel Principe in Milan. it is really nice, and the staff there is great.

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