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Does anyone on the MS Savor have a copy of the wine list to post? Just curious. Also, is the wine generally local to the areas being traversed, or is it a set list. Thanks.


  • I did hear great comments on the wine list a few months ago. Just wondering if anyone has the wine list, perhaps someone currently on the ship.

  • It has been my experience that on European river cruises Tauck will offer regional wines when available and feasible. Some have been quite nice, especially for the evening meals.

  • Have been on 2 Savor cruises, not this one and have never had a 'bad' wine.

  • I was just on the Savor for Holland-Belgium. There were two featured wines each night, a red and a white. None were regional, but then I don’t think either country is known for wine. I don’t remember the specifics, sorry. We do have the signature dinner menu with wine though.

  • Oh that’s really great! Thanks much for sharing. ❤️

  • Sancerre and chateauneuf are among my favorites! Probably won’t see those in Eastern Europe, but it’s good to know the wines are probably going to be of similar quality. So excited! Thanks again.

  • Thomas: Your trip is coming up fast. I am so excited for you. This Tour was one of my favorite river cruises. You had mentioned you enjoyed regional wines. I was looking thru my album of this trip which I took in 2016. We were on the MS Treasures and on day 4 of our trip, we traveled to the Mohacs and Pecs region in Hungary. I see that your itinerary shows a visit to a Winery in Villany for lunch. This is the same town that we visited for our lunch and wine tasting and I thought you might enjoy seeing a copy of the lunch menu and wine tasting list for this excursion. Our lunch was at the Polgár Bortrezor Winery in Villany, so this may be the same Winery you will be visiting, not sure. Our wine tasting consisted of 8 different red wines. I have attached a photo of the menu to give you an idea of the various wines we sampled.

    Also, I wanted to mention that our Tour had 3 excursion choices for Bucharest. I took the tour to Targoviste, mainly because it was shorter than the other two tours and I was also very interested in the history of Romania's Communist Leader Ceausescu, after watching a movie about his life during some free time on the ship. I am sure the choice you made will be excellent also, but I just wanted to let you know that Targoviste was also very interesting. Safe travels.

  • Oooh! Sweet. That is so lovely of you to send the menu. I actually did give tastings of Eastern European wines when I was still working. But the only one, other than Syrah of course, that I’ve had in the menu is Kekfrankos. You might know it as Lemberger, here in the states, or Blaufrankisch in Austria. Wines from Eastern Europe are becoming very good, but are still not well known here. It will be a real treat to sample more of them. Hopefully all will go well and I’ll be able to send some reports.

  • Thinking back over our 4 river cruises, I don't honestly remember a separate wine list. There is a list of drinks in the lounge that includes some wines and there are the ones specifically chosen each night to go with the meal. I normally have a cocktail in the lounge then just whatever seems to go best with my entrée choice at dinner so I've never looked for or asked about a list. Is there one?

  • Claudia: I also don't remember separate wine lists posted each day on the various cruises, however, I seem to recall on one of the cruises, the Sommelier telling us about the wines we would have with dinner each night. I wish I had taken a picture of the wine label as I enjoyed several of the choices.

    Thomas: I located a couple more dinner menus that list the wines served with dinner. It will give you an idea of what types of wine are served on the cruises. I always save all the various scraps of info we receive on the cruise, including any menus, so that I can paste them into my scrapbook/album to remind me of these wonderful trips.

    Here are a couple more.

    The first one is from our first night at The Festetics Palace in Budapest.

    The second one is from the Gala dinner on board the ship after we returned from Mohacs, Hungary. Unfortunately, the gala dinner occurred on the same day at the visit to the Zoltan Polgar Winery with lunch and 8 wine tastings. Too much food and wine in one day. Of course, your itinerary may be different.

  • Golly, I’m really excited now! Thanks again. Was getting a bit worried with all the reports of travel chaos this year. I had heard Heathrow was a mess, so changed my flight to go through Amsterdam and now I read that it’s crazy too. Should have left well enough alone. I’m going to have to just go with the flow and focus on the wonderful days that await when Tauck greets me in Bucharest. Probably shouldn’t eat for the next10 days either 😳.

  • Thomas: You are so funny. Yes, you definitely will not starve, that's for sure. I guess flying these days can be quite challenging, however, once you arrive at your destination and start this incredible tour, you are going to love it. The hardest part will be returning home and having to begin cooking for yourself again. It took me a couple of days to get re-adjusted, I continued to eat out at restaurants or order fast food.

    Also, I had mentioned the the excursion to Targoviste in Bucharest, however, this option may not be available on your cruise, depending on which direction you are heading. I believe if you start in Bucharest, the option is not available.

    Have fun, safe travels and be sure to write a report when you return.

  • Thanks! Will do. 😊

  • We are on the Black Sea to Budapest, May 20 departure, and reading this series of posts makes me very excited to experience a Tauck river cruise again! This will be our fourth. I've been feeling a bit anxious about both COVID and the volatile situation in Ukraine, but I hope that once we're in the competent hands of our Tauck folks, I'll relax and enjoy it!

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