Hits and misses

So on another thread, someone posted about terrible service on a cruise and a large number of Covid-19 cases. This thread is for people to comment on current or recent tours and whether the tours were up to usual Tauck standards or well below the mark.


  • No, I’m just planning a trip next week, Black Sea to Budapest, and I’m going alone so quite nervous about the possibility of getting COVID-19. I guess we thought this year would be different.

  • SeaLord, really!

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    Thomas- I'm just back from Portugal where we got Covid. I had to navigate the Covid waters and so let me know if you have any questions. My initial suggestion now is to wear a mask.

  • Thanks! Yes so I have the Tauck insurance. Just wondering what that covers and what help you got from Tauck . How long did you have to stay? I’m alone but at dinner it’s gotta be hard to keep your mask on. Are there tables for two so I could be alone or with another solo. Half the fun is meeting people but I would rather be alone at meals than have to stay in Budapest indefinitely alone at the end. Thanks much.

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