Does this mean our tour is a go?

We received a ‘Before you Go’ email from Tauck last night, with so,e general info about the tour, the information you see on the web page, not the itinerary. I thought it meant wow, it’s a go, but my husband thinks it is an automatically generated email because we are so many weeks out from the date of our booked tour and means nothing. What do others think?


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    We have a trip scheduled for this fall and recently received an e-mail from Tauck titled, Important Tour Update. The intent of the e-mail was to apprise us of what to expect in terms of communication from them in the upcoming months.

    Is this what you are referring to? Have you checked to see if Tauck lists your trip as a "go"? Regardless, I am inclined to interpret their e-mail as confirmation of the trip. Good luck.

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    British -- I just checked with a friend who was scheduled on the June 8 Singapore trip. (Her fourth attempt.) She got the same email you did -- and her trip was canceled.

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    The number of Tauck pre-tour emails has increased this year over previous years. The ones you want to watch for are those titled
    , "IMPORTANT: Change To Your Travel Documents." That is title to the email with the link to your eGreen Book. It may or may not actually have a change, or a change you didn't already know about.

    The one we got last week on 6 May had no changes to the eGreen Book, at least that I could see, but the cover email provided the new entry and masking requirements for Greece- no proof of vaccination or recovery certificat, nor a negative result from a Covid test required. Note was the guidance for entering Greece, not for boarding Windstar (test given at the time), or from Tauck, or Turkey.

    In many ways it is like the emails we get from Delta about a change to our flight(s). While it can be significant, and I usually react with, "Oh, great!@#$, now what???" in a vast majority of cases the change is just a flight number or change in departure or arrival time of just a few minutes!

    We depart on Monday, and earlier today we got an email from Tauck, "Your Tauck transfer information." Except for providing the name of the transfer company, the phone numbers are the same as in the eGreen Book. Unfortunately the chances are increasing that people will cancel at the last minute or their connections will change, so I guess Tauck deemed it prudent to issue a reminder.

    As long as a trip hasn't been cancelled, I'm sure Tauck continues their normal (new normal?) notifications. Who knows what will happen it 4 or 6 months.

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