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Is the Eiffel tower within walking distance from where the boat docks? Appears there may be time to visit on this trip. Is it best to order tickets ahead of time to go to the top? Is it worth the time and price?


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    We took this cruise back in 2017 and docked at Quay de Grenelle which is about a kilometer down river from the Eiffel Tower on the same side of the river. Quay Javel sometimes has been used but it's further away. The view from the ship.

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    Thank You Claudia. The official Eiffel Tower web site showed they were sold out for early June. I am sure there is a great deal to see in Paris. Do u have suggestions for our free time? I trust your comments in regards to traveling.

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    I think you have to give some idea of your interests, look at places like Viator or maybe ideas on Rick Steves guides etc. so much to see, we liked the Monet museum

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    Well I hope I don't lead you astray.

    Looking at your itinerary, the day you have to choose between Versailles and Montmartre - definitely go for Versailles. I found the area around Montmartre a bit sleazy, the walking tour (somewhat less sleazy) boring, and the street artists nagging to draw your picture obnoxious. The best view of the Sacre Coeur was at the bottom of the steps and they didn't give us a chance to stop and take pictures. If you go on your own you can at least do that.

    If they offer a walking tour of the Marais I'd recommend it. It's interesting and not too touristy.

    Loads of museums but unless you have a guide, pay for an audio guide. The signage is very limited all too often. I'm noticing more and more sights having free downloadable audio guides/apps for your phone. The Versailles one is excellent. Just research and download before you leave home while you have good wifi.

    Misc comments on the rest of the tour:

    Auver-sur-Oise - neat little town and the Absinthe museum is very interesting though I can't say I'm a fan of the drink.

    Etretat vs Caen - I loved Etretat. Quaint village and the view on the beach is wonderful. I've also seen the Caen Memorial & Bayeux tapestry. Both well done if it's what interests you.

    If I can answer anything else I'll try. Of course hard to tell how much your tour will be like ours.

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    Claudia Sails,

    I normally tire of looking at photos on the forum (with the exception of some of the "exotic" animals/rugged nature ones), but I love the photo you posted above. To me, it captures the essence of traveling with Tauck!

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    Claudia, we are going to Versailles and Etretat. We have 1/2 day free in Paris and wanting something to do. Prefer local sights if possible. Thank You.

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    If you liked the previous photo, here is one from the Sapphire the evening we left Paris showing the miniature version of the Statue of Liberty with the Eiffel tower in the background. Wonderful happy hour on deck.

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    Wildcat, there are so many things to see in Paris that we still haven't seen them all even after 3 Tauck tours/river cruises there. Someday I'd like to go on our own without a tour and have time to just walk around, do some shopping at the markets, etc.

    I do highly recommend Rick Steves Paris Pocket guide. It's a tad out of date (2019) but very useful for recommended sites and walking tours. Also small and easy to pack.

    Bon voyage.

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    Claudia, I just ordered the Rick Steves Paris Pocket Guide on your advice. I was able to order a 2022 version from Amazon ($13). Can't wait to receive it and start dreaming of our September adventure!

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    For those who may not know this, the Statue of Liberty was designed by a Frenchman. There is another replica jutting out from one of the pedestrian/vehicle bridges over the Seine. There may be more.

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    Brenda, I was only able to find a 2019 on both Amazon and Rick Steve's website. They say the next update is 2023. But even the 2019 book is useful

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    Claudia, oh my gosh you're right. The search bar said 2022 guide, but I didn't catch that the actual book is 2019. Oh, well - it will serve us well! Thanks again for the suggestion.

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