Extended Day Paris - Covid Test for Return to U.S.

Earliest A.M. time available for Same Day Covid Testing? Want to get early test and then get to Lourve. Must reserve time / tickets online. Has anyone done this themselves after the tour ends?


  • No idea how your TD will arrange this for your tour. Ours last year had a nurse/tech come to our hotel after breakfast but before the day's activities started to test all of us at once. It was before 9am. Test only took a few minutes then we got emailed results within a couple of hours while we were out on a tour. We saw the Louvre after hours as a group. I did work with the hotel concierge in Paris to get tickets to tour the Saint Chapel.

  • Depending on where you are staying, there should be a pharmacy near by the hotel. We had an extended day in Paris at the Le Grand Intercontinental in May. The pharmacy was right around the corner. It was easy. Purchase the test at the counter, take your receipt upstairs., Within 10 mins. you are done. You could contact the concierge at the hotel to find out when they open or the pharmacy itself. They are very helpful. Have a great trip.

  • In October, we used the gift of time for an extra night in Paris. Similar to Claudia, our TD arranged a nurse to come to the hotel during breakfast both the last day of the tour and the "extra day". She came to get us from our breakfast table and we stepped out for ten minutes, took the test, paid the nurse in cash and then returned to breakfast.

  • Pretty painless process for testing if staying past the end of the tour. It was in Cairo after J&E, too.

  • Thank you everyone, very helpful! We are staying at Sofitel LeScribe Paris Opera. (I should have noted)

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