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We are going in early to Munich and staying later in Budapest for this trip. Would love to have ideas for dining in Munich and in Budapest for our extra days. I look forward to reading reviews of this trip as Tauck travelers complete these journeys!


  • Since I have not been to either city in quite some time, I can't help with specific restaurant recommendations. We try to eat the local cuisine and like to support the "mom and pop" establishments.

    In Munich--or anywhere in Germany--you can't go wrong with sausage and spatzle. I make spatzle in the easy to do.

    You also can't go wrong with Hungarian goulash--the more paprika, the better. It comes in many forms...traditional meat and vegetables, fish stew, squash, spinach and much more. Stuffed cabbage is good, too. I find it just as good, if not better, than what can be had in Poland. I'm not a sweet eater, but the layered sponge cake and chocolate torte (dobos or dobosh) is the national specialty and is decadent.


  • Nancy,

    Oops! I just saw on another thread that you are doing this trip in August. My cuisine recommendations aren't exactly summer food! Sorry.

  • Can't help with Munich but we did start a river cruise in Budapest and I'd done some research beforehand.

    The Hungarian Bistro (hungarikum bisztro) was one I had hoped to eat at but couldn't get reservations several weeks beforehand. Link to their website

    We did eat lunch at a place next to the Great Market - Pipa Etterem - very quaint interior and good service, but I was a bit disappointed in what I'd chosen. Others in our group liked theirs. Certainly better than the food offerings upstairs in the market.

  • Thank you Claudia and kfnknfzk for your responses...we look forward to authentic German and Hungarian food. I follow Stephan Pyles, a chef from Dallas and of all things, he's been in Munich this week and has had posted some photos from his favorite restaurants there. Love to know places in advance and make reservations.

  • Are you looking for fine dining or experiential dining? A bit touristic, but for the experience you can go to the Hofbrau Haus in Munich.

  • We ate at the Ratskeller in Munich - it has been a few years, but it was very good when we were there. Their website is

  • Thank you cvc and suggestions! Any ideas for Budapest? The Tauck forum is very helpful and resourceful!

  • Nancy, We are also doing this trip eastbound - I am almost all packed - we leave tomorrow. I will let you know of any restaurants we find in Budapest. After two years, it's hard to believe the trip is really happening!

  • I hope you will post about this trip, cvc...we so look forward to this tour, especially Oberammergau. Enjoy and stay safe!

  • The best Bavarian fare is at the Spatenhaus an Der Oper in Munich.

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