Good news!

I’m not sure what category the US is in but this looks like good news

Japan opens up to foreign tourists after two years


  • They are opening "ONLY" to tour groups! for now... Yahoo !!

  • I still haven’t checked US is allowing as I am not going until 2023

  • We are currently booked on the Essence of Japan tour in November, but considering the very conservative Japanese approach to Covid, I still have serious doubts that it will either go ahead and/or be a somewhat diminished experience. We will probably cancel and re-arrange for 2023.

  • We are booked for October 17, but now tours are cancelled through September 30, so we are not optimistic. This would be our third cancellation.

  • I am booked for October, but also feel that we will be cancelled again. Does anyone know if Tauck would let us cancel now and schedule something else in another part of the world?

  • Yes, as long as you have taken out the insurance

  • Thank you.

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