Is there anyway to change your email address online or do I have to call and wait forever?

I have logged into the Account dashboard and there is no way to change email or passwords....


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    If you're using a new email address, it would be easiest just to create a new ID.

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    edited June 2022

    If you create a new I’D you won’t be able to get to the My account section to see other already booked trips will you?
    I would send an email to Tauck Esupport and they might be able to do it for you

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    Yup- esupport@tauck.com

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    You have to wait forever because I recently changed my entire email (and what a job that was). I had to call Tauck a few times and they had to contact their IT (Internet Technology) department to change it for me. It took a while.

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