Tauck discussion?

I hope this doesn't offend anyone connected with this forum, but is anyone aware of a more active discussion forum for Tauck tours? There doesn't seem to be much activity here, and I'd love to discuss specific tours in a forum where there are more recent posts. Is there such a place on the web?


  • There is support to be an informal one.
    Ask a question, you joined in 2016, is this your first post. I would say the forum has been very active recently, more active than pre pandemic.

  • I agree that the forum has been more active recently. There is also a Tauck Traveler Facebook group that seems pretty active.

  • Rssherms, often those who haven't used the forum much only read the old posts for their specific tour. You can often learn more by reading others. For example, there is a lot of similarities between river cruises especially about things like dress code, life on board the ship, logistics, etc. A recent post claimed there wasn't much info on Amsterdam when there actually is since many river cruises start/stop there. I

    In addition to the forum there are tour reviews. Look on the website page for the tour you're interested in and scroll til near the bottom.

    The forum is pretty active but sadly a big topic has been the impact of covid. Necessary but not as fun as talking about itinerary items.

  • If you are taking a river cruise you may also check Cruise Critic but there does seem to be more detailed comments on this forum.

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