Normandy, Brittany, Paris & Loire Valley 2022

We are taking the September 13 tour. Will our tour of the Eiffel Tower include the inside of the Tower?


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    I was recently on this tour and we just did a short photo stop during our city bus tour.

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    No, you'll get a photo up from a distance of the tower. Unless the itinerary says something like " guided tour" it's just a view.

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    Thank you.

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    edited July 2022

    Completed the tour last month. Just had a photo stop during the city bus tour. If you want to go up in the tower, you will need to make your own arrangements.

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    If you want to go up the tower, check out your free time!

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    You can book dinner at the tower's Les Jules Verne Restaurant on your free Day 11 evening which also gets you "free" access to the second level. The five course tasting menu is only €205 a pop! :o:o

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