Rhine Enchantment 2023

I am planning a trip from Milan to Amsterdam (Rhine Enchantment) and am debating between May 7th or May 29th. I would like to be there when not too hot but pleasant. I am leaning toward May 7th. Your comments will be appreciated.

I would also appreciated any feedback regarding this cruise. This will be my 4th river cruise with Tauck.


  • Either date would be fine, I’d probably take the later one in case it’s a bit chilly in the Lake Como area. We enjoyed this cruise.

  • It depends on your preferences. Amsterdam will be cooler in early May whereas Milan will be warmer in late May/early June. Either way, enjoy your trip.

  • Go to WeatherSpark dot com for detailed weather for most spots around the globe. Data is based on 10 - 20 years of observations. We use it for all Tour selection and planning. It provides a short text summary and displays all data (temp, humidity, precip, wind, etc. etc.) in easy-to-interpret graphs for specific days and full months

  • We are booked on the 10/11/23 Rhine Enchantment cruise, Amsterdam to Milan. We will precede the cruise with two pre-nights in Amsterdam. My question is should we extend our stay for another day in Milan? What is there to see/do if you are not into high fashion? I know about the Opera House, but what else would make it worth the extra time? Thanks!

  • The cathedral- go to the roof and inside.

  • The Duomo including the Duomo Square, Da Vinci's Last Supper mural, museums, Library of Milan, to name just a few.

  • There is so much to see and do in Milan. Get a tour book out of the library or look up Rick Steves' suggestions. I agree that the Cathedral should be at the top fo your list, especially the roof. Go the the Galleria adjacent to the cathedral, where you can go to an outside patio on the top where you can get a good view of the Cathedral. There are Roman ruins, museums, a wonderful cemetery and just places to walk around. We had two extra days before our trip and didn't see everything we wanted to. Don't skimp with your time. Milan has more to offer than you would have expected.

  • The Rooftops of the Duomo need to be booked with a guide…so worth it! If the Opera is performing…that would be a fantastic night. They were on August break when we were there…so sorry to miss.

  • From my old post under little-known museums: Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan, a property of FAI, the Fondo Ambiente Italiano (National Trust of Italy), charming setting in a lovely part of town with equally charming staff.

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