Is this tour going?

Has anybody due to go on this tour earlier than September who contributes to this forum been informed as to whether the tour is going. Have you paid the final invoice? We still don’t know for sure whether our September tour is a go. Thank you


  • British I heard yesterday from an acquaintance that does river cruises with Norwegian that her cruise to Singapore which also included Vietnam and other cities was canceled due to the Taiwan / China situation, however that's a cruise which may involve being in waters that may be affected by that conflict, I'm hoping that due to the fact that ours is a land tour there will be no problems. I'm trying to stay positive.

  • Ah, Vietnam is still not really open, they have been very strict from her get go. The TD we had on out cut short March 2020 tour loved In Vietnam but was not a citizen, he couldn’t get back in for many months. Funnily enough we are getting him on a Sicily;Malta tour in March, so we will hear the full story I guess.

  • British, is your tour to Sicily: Malta a Tauck Tour? I’m scheduled to go to Sicily in 2023, but don’t see a tour that includes Malta. Are you adding Malta? Thanks Fran

  • No, not Tauck

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