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I’ve just been taking a look on line at our documents for our upcoming Alaska tour in two weeks. It still says we require testing with in 24 hours to enter back into the US…No wonder Tauck customers get confused, this rule disappeared over two weeks ago and yet it is there in our ‘Final” documents which I understood would be updating up until the last minute!


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    . . . . it is there in our ‘Final” documents which I understood would be updating up until the last minute!

    I think that was the plan, but never became a reality. Take the case of those who use a TA, if their Final Documents" or eGreen Book goes through a TA first and arrived on a holiday or late Friday, it might not be forwarded to the customer for several days.

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    My TA gave me a printed copy of our tour coming up on July 22. It's 29 pages long, generated on May 31st, she said Tauck e-mailed it to her since we won't have a cell phone with us. Why would this be done 7 weeks in advance of our trip. It has all the information that the old green book would have. I logged into my account & the day to day itinerary daily details are better explained. Wouldn't you think the itinerary description information would be the same? Things could change in 7 weeks, I think this was done to early. This sure looks like my Final Documents.

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    The documents you received were probably the preliminary documents. As of late, Tauck has been releasing tour information incrementally. I suggest you contact your travel agent and ask her/him for the cover letter and/or clarification. Good luck.

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    Tauck emailed us the ‘final documents’ weeks ago. I looked today on line on our personal documents to see if they have changed. No, they still say about the testing to get back into the US and the map still shows us docking in Ketchikan that we were told months ago was no longer on our itinerary. I hope the captain knows where we are going.

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    Hi kfnknfzk, Thanks for the info. I'll contact my TA & ask her.

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    You are welcome. I'm sure everything will work out. It certainly is possible a mistake was made, but given the tremendous pressure Tauck has been under during these trying times, I try to be empathetic. Have a great trip and please post a review if you can.

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