Water levels on the Danube River for upcoming (2022) Christmas Markets tour.

Does anyone have a good sense of river levels this time of year or an (easy to read) website that reliably tracks them?

Thank you.


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    edited July 2022

    It is way too early to attempt to make predictions about December. Cruise Critic is one place that tracks that stuff. There are others, some get a bit technical. Check out this recent forum thread: https://forums.tauck.com/discussion/comment/78504#Comment_78504

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    As AlanS said, way too early. But we had this happen to our Danube Xmas Market trip in 2018 - the water was too low for several days - it really didn't change anything other than we were on a MotorCoach and in nice hotels for a few days instead of on the boat. We did finally meet the boat a few days into the trip. We are booked again for Nov. 29 with 2 other couples and we aren't worried at all - either way - the trip will be spectacular.

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