Any information on what to pack (clothes, shoes etc) for this trip?

Is there any place on your website suggesting what people should pack for this 9 day tour?


  • Whatever else you pack, make sure you are prepared for a variety of climates. When we went over the Great Divide in the ‘jammers’ we nearly froze. Jacket, gloves, hat, sweater … warm stuff.

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    Yes. Scroll down the trip description page of the tour until you get to Important Information For Your Trip (it’s past the pricing and avails) and scroll til you see Packing. Use it as a guide, not definitive. You might want to search his forum for other posts from people who have taken this trip in the past.

  • Took this tour years ago. In VICTORIA Canada right now. First sunny warm day In quite a few days. Suggest layers as usual, good grip walking shoes, hat gloves puffer, jacket, sun hat, sunscreen, rain gear. Do not bring many dressy things, not needed.

  • It may depend on when you are going. We were just there in June and it was still pretty cool/cold (it even snowed in the mountains). The temps can vary so I'd be prepared for anything. I brought a hat, gloves, scarves and a pretty heavy jacket with me. And long underwear for under pants for extra warmth, which I ended up wearing about two or three times. I never wore my shorts or bathing suit, but you do have to be prepared for the weather to go either way. Looks like Banff will have temps in the 80s this week. It's a great trip. Be prepared and have a great time! Nothing too dressy as British noted.

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    Is there any place on your website suggesting what people should pack for this 9 day tour?

    No help here for clothing. We have not been on this trip, but spent many years in the PNW north of Seattle and have visited Vancouver many times. Layering is especially important on this trip. Be prepared for all climes and precipitation.

    Based on the fact you just joined the forums and the wording of your question, you might be under the impression that Tauck monitors this site and answers questions- they do not do either. Tauck established the forums to facilitate the exchange of info between fellow Tauck travelers. If you have specific questions that are not answered on the main website or by forum participants you should call Tauck.

    In addition to the information in the tour pages for your specific tour, for overall climatology information on most places around the world, check out WeatherSpark.

  • Thanks everyone for the responses. Very useful. There is some info also on Tauck's page for this tour as whogastim suggested.

  • We just returned from this tour. My suggestions are to take a jacket with a hood as it can become windy especially on the open air jammer ride and a study pair of walking shoes are there are several trails that are slippery with roots where you could easily stumble. No one took gloves or boots, you are only on the glacier for 10 minutes (or as long as you want). We had pleasant weather so a jacket with perhaps a sweater underneath on some days was all that was needed. Enjoy. It was a wonderful experience.

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