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I am interested in going to Patagonia in March but recently read a review from someone who went on the trip in 2004. I am now questioning if it might be too strenuous. Are some days still spent out and about for 12 hours? Are the hikes and boat rides rough? Thank you for any information you can give me to help me make my final decision.


  • I went on this trip in 2018. Some days are long, as there are large distances to travel. I don't recall being "out," as in doing an activity for 12 hours. No rough boat rides. Hikes are pretty gentle, but YMMV. Only hike I'd call strenuous (but worth it) was the optional condor hike from the Singular Patagonia. that day where were a number of options. It was a great trip.

  • One of my favorites tours, I think it’s quite active, there were quite a few hikes including along rocky beaches. I found those fine. The walk to the condors was more strenuous for me, It was fast paced, I gave up a little way from the top, it was snowing. My husband went to the top.

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