• No. But I don't put anything in a checked bag I can't live without. If things don't start looking better by fall I may be investing in a bigger carryon and watching lots of carryon only packing videos.

  • Yes. I’ve been on Reddit quite a bit before and even after our trip. Lufthansa has literally told customers they will stop looking for bags after 5 days, or hey, fly back and pick out your bag. If I was told that, I would totally fly back and then submit the receipts to the travel insurance company for the airfare.

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    All this news of lost luggage and luggage sitting in European airports since June AND reading the Tauck Facebook posts and the Rick Steves forums is really making my husband and I consider doing CARRY-ON for our 2 week Ultimate Alps & Dolomites trip in September. We did 3 weeks in Italy with CARRY ON only and it actually worked for us. We packed an empty duffel in our suitcase for any purchases we made and we did check our luggage coming back since we had the duffel bag full of purchases and we used that as a CarryOn coming back home. We are going to continue to follow this, but the thought of our luggage not arriving in Munich is horrifying to us.

  • I told my husband today that if things aren't much better by the beginning of Oct I'm strongly considering getting bigger carryon spinners for our Douro cruise. Might still check one bag but not depend on it arriving. I know Portugal is a fairly affordable place if we had to replace wardrobe but who wants to spend limited sightseeing time looking for clothes?

  • Exactly, and if you arrive on a Sunday, the majority of the stores are closed! That recently happened to me in Canada.

  • As I (and others) have posted elsewhere, shipping luggage has never made more sense. Even with the additional cost, the peace of mind of bypassing the airlines and airports is worth it for me these days.

  • I arrived yesterday in Berlin and I saw at least 50 bags waiting for their owners.
    I got mine ok!

  • Even the perfect carryon roller bag isn't safe. I just bought a new one for a trip last week, in response to all the nightmare luggage stories going around. Went from JFK to LAX and then on to Santa Rosa on a short flight. No problem with my bag.

    Coming home, they refused to let me board with my bag in Santa Rosa - required it to be shipped all the way through to NY. I was mad, especially when I saw all the space in the overhead bins by my seat (coach).

    Got the bag without incident, but it kind of defeated the purpose of a carry on. I specifically travelled with the bag because of the LA connection - didn't want to ruin a 5 day trip without my luggage. You can't argue with the gate personnel at the airport - they don't want to hear your issues. And I certainly wasn't going to risk being unable to board due to uncooperative behavior on my part! So I sucked it up. Still...🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Claudia, I just purchased a larger carryon and will also do a checked bag. I figure that keeps me safe for a few days. My only problem is that I am short and have a difficult time using the overhead bins. I am flying business so I hope I get help .

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    On Europe flights, they are very strict about bag size. If it won’t fit in those sizing contraptions, they will take it off you. And last week within the US, every flight was full and announcements made there was not enough room for everyone’s bags, especially if you were boarding the plane last. We were originally on business class but our flight was cancelled, so one of the legs was in economy. We had created an extra bag on the way home which I wanted to have as carry on. Lots of clothes stuffed in it because I was so concerned of our bags being delayed. Thank goodness it was a soft squishy one and it fitted in the overhead no problem. Our backpacks easily fit under seats.

  • I agree with British. I have taken tote bags on US flights over to Europe and no one batted an eye, but the same bag was scrutinized and measured by the airline when I flew home (n business class) and they acted like they were doing me a big favor to allow me to take it on the plane. That has made me paranoid to push the limits with carry-ons because you never know.

  • I've been following all the messages about luggage for the past month or so. I leave for Edinburgh on 9 August for the Scottish Isles Cruise. I finally decided to just ship my suitcase to the hotel. It isn't chap, but it just arrived...5 days early. Not happy with early arrival, but called hotel and they are holding it for my arrival...Have a carry on with essentials...So, no more worries about luggage...

  • I just ordered compression packing cubes. I normally just pack a small amt of clothing in my carryon - extra pants, couple of tops, socks, underwear. Basically an extra days worth. With the compression cubes I think I can squeeze more in my small wheelie bag. It wouldn't be enough for an entire trip without frequent laundry but enough to get by on if I had to. I still plan to check a bag but I'm going to make sure I can get by without it if I have to.

    I also noticed someone on the Tauck Travelers facebook page who used her Foodsavor machine to shrink wrap her clothing. I may do some experimenting.

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