Luggage for England, Scotland and Wales

Is it possible to do the England, Scotland and Wales trip on August 10, 2022, with only carryon bags? We are apprehensive about checked luggage although we plan to check one piece for the two of us. Roy CB


  • Yes of course, if you pack with outfits you can mix and match and be sure your liquids fit in the one baggie

  • You might want to spend some time on the Rick Steves travel forum reading through old posts in the Packing category. Most of the people on that site regularly do carryon only because they are on RS tours where you port your own luggage sometimes a ways from the bus and up stairs or because they travel independently and find too much baggage is a pain to handle. Also Rick is a big proponent of it.

    There are loads of videos on carryon packing on youtube.

    The challenge with it on this tour is the weather can really vary. We did it in late June and the northern part was various combinations of cool, cold, wet, windy but then by the time we got to Oxford was getting very warm. You'll need to do some laundry (sink or pay for) and might need to buy some extras there. Princes street in Edinburgh has some affordable shops.

  • Yes, it can be done. After multiple Rick Steves tours and independent travel up to 4 weeks we only do carry on luggage. To begin you first need to measure your bags and include wheels and handles. Then go to your airlines website and check their measurement and weight limits. If you are connecting on two different airlines check both and use the lowest limits. It’s a shame to get your carry on gate checked; defeats the whole exercise. Next is deciding what you really need and the Rick Steves website has packing lists that can help. Things that add a lot of bulk, such as shoes, need to be pared back. Likewise you’ll want clothing that lends itself to wash and wear, quick drying. So jeans, cottons can be difficult. Try not to pack items you will only wear once or twice. Finally, technique. Here is a video I posted elsewhere showing the technique we use but there are many other such as rolling, compression bags, packing cubes.

  • Also useful info on Sarah Murdoch's website "Adventures with Sarah"

    She used to guide tours for Rick Steves and now does her own. She's particularly helpful for women. I learned to weigh everything by watching her. Yes, I know what you're thinking --- but it really forces you to think thru what you're bringing and make tough choices.

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