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I recently attended the Best of the Canadian Rockies tour and I thought my experience might be of interest to those that might be considering this tour. We experienced great natural beauty and stayed in the Fairmont properties in Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise. All the properties were lovely however Jasper is probably 3 stars. I am writing this review because prior to this trip I experienced two other tauck trips in France that were so well managed by the tour directors. On the Rockies tour the tour director was unorganized, combative, defensive and just not up to Tauck standards. This was very disappointing and many other tour members has the same experience. When I told the tour director on the second day that I did not like the way he spoke to me He said "you are welcome to leave the tour". I was in shock! I did not let this man named Pete ruin my experience. If you want a good experience DO NOT take this tour with this man. All the best.


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    edited August 2022

    I hope you wrote up your experience in your evaluation at the end, Steph711. Tauck needs this feedback…I’m truly stunned at your experience. We had a weak tour director in 2018 and had some issues. I heard back from Tauck with a few weeks asking for more information…interestingly the initial response was she’s retiring soon! The trip itself was great…there were some instances of poor decision making. I hope you get some resolution…his response was unacceptable!

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    Steph, you definitely need to call Customer Relations as soon as possible and so do the others who felt the same.

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