England's green and pleasant land?

Much of England is undergoing a severe drought and has banned watering of gardens. I saw some aerial photos today of London's parks. All of the lawns are completely brown. Even the Queen's back lawn at Buckingham Palace is brown. The only green grass to be seen was at Lord's Cricket Ground which apparently has an exemption. So sad! People traveling to England in the next few months will see a different England than we are used to.


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    We were in London in mid July and walked all over London. It was truly shocking. We have been in London many times and always walked through the parks. This time we went through Regents Park, Kensington Palace Gardens, Green Park, and Hyde Park. Few green spots. Hopefully they will get some rain, but watching the forecasts has been depressing.

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    edited August 2022

    A couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend in the East of England told me that the high temperatures were being over exaggerated by the foreign press and they had had only one day of very high heat, but certainly no rain for a long time.
    I do remember many times having hose pipe bans when I lived in England, so it is not unusual, but this time it extreme.
    No homes have air conditioning and neither do many public buildings. No homes have screens, you just accepted that when you opened windows in summer you would get flies in the house including those noisy blue bottles. When you cleaned your inside windows, a lot of the specks were fly poo. You would never leave food uncovered.
    Still, my favorite American thing in the home you rarely see in England is the automatic garage door opener,….maybe that alone is why so many people like to move here 😂😂
    I just remember something funny…when we were having our house built, to have a garbage disposal fitted was an upgrade, so I said I didn’t want one, never had one, wouldn’t miss something I never had. The builder said, Mam, if you don’t get one, you will be the only home in America without one, so I relented. It’s ok, I could still do without one, but we are on I think our third one now, yep, another thing in DIY Mr B has become proficient in.

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    I was so looking forward to seeing beautiful gardens and parks in London and France. We leave September 10 for London and Paris cruising the Seine. I have lovely gardens here but I very much enjoy seeing formal gardens . I was also looking forward to the green and cool after our two weeks in Tanzania in the dry dusty winter. But I’m sure I will still enjoy all the other things that make England beautiful. Tanzania was amazing with only about two blades of green grass .

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