Any thoughts on which is better...a Week in Portugal, or Villages and Vintages: Cruising the Douro?

I know they are different kinds of trips, but I have never been on a river cruise and have never been to Portugal. Anyone have any input for us?


  • We love river cruises but of the two tours you've listed I think the Week in Portugal is better because it let's you see much more of the country than just the Douro valley. What about the longer Exploring the Douro which includes Lisbon and Madrid? We're doing that in Oct adding an extra day Gift of Time in Lisbon, extra days in Madrid and a few days in Barcelona. We like to get at least 2 weeks touring out of a plane ticket.

  • rssherms,

    Neither tour is better than the other, but they are very different from one another. There is a great deal packed into the land tour and all the cities are beautiful in their own way. You will experience more culture and history on the land tour. In contrast, the Douro cruise is more relaxed and rich in quaint villages and an abundance of port wine. You will also quickly realize how nice it is to be able to unpack your suitcase and not have to repack for a week! Your floating hotel, the Andorinha, is gorgeous.

    Only you can decide what suits you best. I think you will have a memorable time on either one, and no matter which one you choose I suspect you will return to experience the other one. And don't forget about Spain!

    I'd be more than happy to answer questions. Best wishes.

  • Thank you!

  • rssherms - My preference was to see more of Portugal first which I did then next year I'm doing the Douro river cruise.

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