Tipping question in France

We are on our way! We know we don't tip in restaurants, but what about the bellhop when we arrive in Versailles? What about the Tauck transfer driver? Thanks, everyone, for all of the great advice leading up to our epic French adventure!


  • Brenda, it should be in your travel.documents that Tauck should have emailed by now. Tips for hotel staff and transfer driver are included in the tour price. The bus driver and TD are the ones you need to tip. In restaurants where you done on your own (not meals included by Tauck) you can tip if you feel moved to.

  • Hi Claudia, I got the documents, but just asked the question since we are coming in a day early. Thank you.

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    Long edit.

    The Tauck provided transfer driver is covered in any case. If you are staying in the Tauck hotel and you booked it with them then yes tips to hotel staff are covered.

    Some people do book their own stay at the Tauck hotel either because of hotel points, better rate, etc. In that case some perks like breakfast, tips, etc aren't included.

  • We have arrived in Versailles. The driver stood around like he sure wouldn't turn down a tip if offered, but then left when we waved goodbye to him. The hotel is amazing and the staff are wonderfully pleasant. We got lost at Versailles this afternoon, and will return in the morning for our scheduled 9 am tour. The concierge DID have complimentary (for Tauck guests) full access tickets for this afternoon, so we did half of the palace and the gardens today, since it looks like rain tomorrow.

  • I suspect more often than not that people do give the driver a tip - new Tauck travelers, very generous travelers, or because they particularly liked the driver. We've had some very personable drivers that were chatty and others that just did the job.

    Versailles is just such a huge place with so much to see. The day of our tour start we racked up almost 20,000 steps each on our fitbits.

  • Our driver was firmly on the "just doing his job" team. Even though it was our first time in a Tesla, we're pretty sure it was not supposed to be driven in the "hit the gas, then the brake, then the gas again" manner (not just in city traffic). I was half car-sick and whiplashed by the time we arrived.

  • When we went to Paris independently, we took the train to Versailles…..even though we got on the train going in the wrong direction originally and had to get off and get the train going the right way, it sounds as if it was more comfortable than a Tesla 😀

  • Brenda , how were your flights to Europe. Any issues?

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    Oh wow Brenda. Our driver from the hotel to CDG last year drove a Tesla but not like that. Only hard part was me trying to figure our how to open the doors. I wonder if Tesla is now the car the French transfer service is using.

  • Brenda & Choc, it looks Like we are all on the same Savoring France Riverboat Cruise on September 17. Looking forward to it. Gail and Bob, From Carlsbad California

  • Choc, sorry I just saw your post. Our flights were, surprisingly, flawless. On time, all luggage accounted for, wonderful food served. Our Normandy adventure is SO great so far - we're at Port Crouesty in Brittany on Day 5 for a couple of days after a FULL agenda from Versailles across.

  • GailP519, we look forward to meeting you in Paris! We are currently on the Brittany, Normandy and the Loire Valley tour, and will transfer over to the Intercontinental on Wednesday the 14th. See you soon!

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