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We are going on the Christmas market cruise December 2022. Christmas week. I assume daytime attire is casual, comfortable for walk-in and being outside. What is attire evenings on the boat?


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    We've been on 3 Tauck Xmas Market River Cruises and will be going on our 4th in Dec. Most everyone wears the same clothes they've had on all day to dinner -- there really isn't much time to change after reboarding the boat in the evening before dinner - nor do most people have room to pack 2 outfits per day in their suitcase. People do tend to maybe go 'slightly' more dressy on Captains night, you will see fancy and casual that night - it's the most casual of all the river cruises for sure - it's cold and dark by the time you get on the boat for dinner and it's just a very casual dinner - it's one reason we love the Xmas Market cruises because we don't have to pack fancy clothes.

    We will be doing the Rhine again Dec 20-27, 2023 w/friends who have kids in College, so I'll be curious to read your review. The markets close on 12/23- so we are concerned about missing our favorite markets which are Cologne and Rudesheim as they will be closed then. Please let me know how Tauck handles those days.

    You can always eat in Authors which is super casual and the food there is VERY good.

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    I was hoping that would be the answer. Thanks

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    I agree with Terrilynn about the casual nature of dining on the riverboat. We've been on a number of riverboat trips and it seems as if the trend towards much more casual dining has been happening over the past several years with the exception...of course...of the special nights. Even then, many guys do not wear ties or if they do, they are often theme related! Still, I often wear a blazer so I can take a stroll around the deck after dinner while my favorite wife chats in the dining room. I love seeing the river at night. Unfortunately, if I stop by the cabin first, the chair has a habit go grabbing my leg and not letting go! These can be active trips, after all, and the pastries, gingerbread, and cookies just too good to resist! 😉

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    When we did the Rhine Moselle cruise several years ago in Oct it was pretty casual for most all the cruise. Our off ship dinner was a castle but it wasn't a fancy venue - more oompah band and beer. People mostly seemed more concerned with staying warm. Lots of sweaters and nice slacks for both men and women. I noticed it could be very chilly sitting next to the outer walls of the ship in the evening. I'm not someone who gets cold easily.

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    Oh, I was hoping we were done discussing evening attire. I'm puzzled by some comments from LT travelers: "nor do most people have room to pack 2 outfits per day." Are you honestly saying you never wear something more than once? Guess I'm lucky I travel in cooler weather, so don't sweat as much, but if so, I would rinse things out. And liking a tour "because we don't have to pack fancy clothes." I never pack fancy clothes, not sure I even own any. I take pretty much the same amount of clothing no matter the length of a trip, though for a weekend I might just get by with the clothes I'm wearing. Here's to the carry-on lifestyle!

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    Nope, no 2 outfits per day from this pair. Most days I find the touring light enough I can wear something nice enough for dinner that night but comfortable for touring. Usually change shoes - sneakers to flats. A pair of dress slacks and 2-3 tops is plenty. No one notices if you rewear outfits.

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    Savvy travelers think alike. AC once left my carry-on plane-side (small plane with little overhead) and I was fine for a few days; they eventually gave me a clothing allowance. Got bag at tale end of short trip. Best part is I have a great story about an airline losing my carry-on lol.

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    I did a test pack for our upcoming Douro cruise and could do carryon only without much sacrifice wardrobe wise. Partially for luggage going missing concerns but also because we are doing some traveling on our own after the tour. Weighing what would be easiest for me to handle. The challenge has been finding space for non-clothing items. Lots of time to tinker with this.

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