COVID Testing for the Treasures of the Aegean

For anyone who has traveled on the Wind Star - Treasures of the Aegean: Please let me know when you were tested for COVID. Thank you.


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    edited September 2022

    19 May 2022, Treasures of the Aegean, SY Wind Star

    We did not require testing before departing the US at that time.

    After a final bus tour around Athens (drive-by of the Olympic Stadium, etc.) and a visit to the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, the bus took us to the port of Piraeus. We checked in at a large reception tent set up on the dock adjacent to the Wind Star. We were assigned a number and sat down to be called. When we were called (in groups of 2 to 3, we stepped over to a Doc and asst to have our noses swabbed then sat in another separate area in the tent to await our results. When our names were called again we went to the final station, received some paperwork, and boarded the ship. The whole process took 20 - 30 min. While this process was underway our luggage was taken to our staterooms.

    After boarding, we were met with drinks and moist towels, then went to one of several stations set up in the ship's lounge to have our credit cards scanned, complete some paperwork, and receive our electronic boarding passes/room keys. Then a steward showed us to our cabin. All very organized and efficient.

    None of our group tested positive and we didn't notice whether any of the non-Tauck people tested positive either, so I don't now what the process was for anyone who tested positive.

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    Does anywhere still require testing now! I’m surprised if they do. Even the Tauck tour directors are not wearing masks.we only wear masks on the bus along with about three others on our particular tour.

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    I can't say what Wind Star is actually doing now, and the Tauck website doesn't say, but our eGreen Book from May, in addition to a bunch of other COVID info, said this:

    "Windstar will administer a Covid PCR or antigen test to all guests at the pier prior to embarkation. There will be no cost for the test. A negative test result is required to board."

    However, I just checked the Windstar website which says,

    "COVID-19 Testing
    For cruises departing on or after September 6, Windstar will no longer require a pre-cruise COVID-19 test for embarking guests (unless required by one of the countries on the itinerary)."

    and further on it says,

    "Greece: All passengers except children under the age of 12 will present a negative COVID-19 PCR (NAAT) test taken within 72 hours before embarkation, or a Rapid Antigen Test performed within 48 hours before embarkation - Please note that Greece requirements are currently different for cruising versus other entry requirements."

    The Windstar website has a lot more info, including this, "Guests who show up at embarkation without a negative test result in hand will be administered an antigen test by Windstar and charged a $69 fee."

    So, it looks like the testing is still mandated for Greece and cruising, at least according to the Windstar website. Anyway, whatever the eGreen Book says.

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