Rivers of Life

There is a brand new PBS series, also available on Amazon Prime called Rivers of Life. We have watched the first episode and it’s all about the Zambezi River, starting with incredible footage of Victoria Falls. It shows when the falls are at the peak of their flow and in the dry period. We have been lucky enough to see it both ways, both spectacular. The show follows the flow right until it enters the Indian Ocean in Mozambique with wonderful wildlife footage. I highly recommend it if you love Africa
The next episode is about the Danube.


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    British, have you seen any of The Secret Life of the Zoo- a behind the scenes, multi-year series shot in the UK at the Chester Zoo?

    I've been watching it for the past few months on UNC PBS. I don't know if it is still in production, I'm just catching up with old episodes. It is very interesting from the animal and keeper perspective, but it is starting to get a bit repetitive because much of it is about the trials and tribulations about breeding.

  • British: Thank you so much for posting the information on this amazing Video from PBS. If you don't have access to PBS or Amazon Prime, you can watch it for free on your computer. I searched for "Rivers of Life PBS" and it comes right up. Fascinating video of The Zambezi River. My favorite part was when the Elephants marched right thru the Safari Lodge to get to a Mango Tree with one Elephant taking a few minutes to window shop at the Lodge's Gift Shop. Hilarious. I look forward to viewing the next episode on The Danube, once it airs.

  • Alan, never gotten round to watching that show Alan, but Chester zoo was in the county I was born in and I certainly visited it. Even remember attempting a 32 mile sponsored walk that began from there overnight when I was a Teenager.

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