Aon Insurance is terrible!

Had to cancel our trip to Scotland due to unanticipated need for spinal surgery, which was performed in August. Tauck was responsive and refunded the land portion cost within DAYS of cancellation. Aon continues to delay refunding the airfare portion and tells you it is busy with claims. Isn't it their business to have sufficient staff to process claims? Is paying claims a low priority so they can hold and use the money which should be refunded? IMO, Tauck needs to partner with a more responsive insurance company. Really, no excuse for these delays.


  • Isn't it their business to have sufficient staff to process claims?

    Insurance companies are in business to collect premiums.

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    You will get reimbursed. I’m also waiting since the beginning of July.

  • All insurers are inundated these days with Covid claims, the last three years have been atypical. Plus hiring is difficult, particularly for jobs that require special training like claims processors. We’ve all seen that in every day life, in restaurants, shops, etc.

    The insurance business is providing financial protection for their customers; collecting premiums and wisely investing them is where the claim payments come from.

    AON is no different from Allianz or any of the other companies offering travel insurance. Hang in there, you will be reimbursed.

  • We applied to AON for airfare reimbursement for a canceled trip last February—it took 3 months for us to receive it. We applied a month ago to KLM for reimbursement for a hotel night and 2 cab fares due to KLM’s cancellation of a flight causing us to miss a connection. I expect it will be at least as long before we see reimbursement. Tracking claims provides little to no information other than that they are being processed. Although it is said that patience is a virtue, I know that I and others are not feeling particularly virtuous in the current hurry up and wait environment.

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    Was 90 days before got confirmation they were working in my claim but still waiting on a actual decision if they are going to pay anything though. Confirmation from AON that claim was received was dated 06/16/2022

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    Submitted our claim June 15 th for delayed luggage. Followed up 3 x either the call center or online. Always status was received, assigned to an agent.About 10 days ago I escalated it to Tauck via phone. Told them how dissatisfied I am with AON insurance and how I wanted to cancel the already purchased policy for our 2023 trip.
    Short answer was I would lose my money if I canceled , they would elevate my dissatisfaction to a Tauck manager. Last night received an email, claim is settled, check should be received with 3-5 business days. Hope the check is in the mail. Good Luck fellow travelers.
    Update check received Oct 10!

  • I will piggy back what you did.

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